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New house or old house, we buy not necessarily the same mailbox. Especially since the owners are now required for certain obligations.


Can you choose your mailbox freely?
Not all at it. By installing any mailbox, there is a risk factor that refuses to deliver mail. Indeed, if the house was built after July 12, 1979, you must have a standard mailbox. If the house was built before that date, and if the space is insufficient, you can install a box called “renovation”, shallower, between 70 and 165 mm deep, or an “incoming mail”, integrated in the facade, the front door or garage door. The good compromise is to choose a mailbox called “Compact” with a reduced depth but equipped with a lock Post. However, if you have the necessary space, better install a standard mailbox. With the development of Internet shopping, the factor may well open your mailbox equipped with a lock approved the Post Office and deposit all kinds of packages, which avoids having to move the post office.

What is a standard mailbox?
This is a mailbox to a standard. For individual apartment mailboxes outside, it is the NF D27-405. It sets all the features of the box: minimum inside 260x260x340 mm slits of 235×24 mm minimum name tag of 100×22 m. Regarding the installation of the mailbox, the bottom of the box should arrive at 1 meter from the ground to be compliant and meet the Act accessibility for people with reduced mobility. It must have been tested to withstand corrosion, weathering and abuse. The guarantees are up to 15 years. More warranty is long, the better its quality and resistance to vandalism.

Where to buy the mailbox?
If we hire a professional – mason, landscaper, carpenter, blacksmith – for fitting, it can be bought at a hardware store or a dealer in materials. If the individual wants to put himself, he can go into a supermarket of crafts or even online store like Seeking for mailboxes online will not overwhelming, I’m sure that you must be know the quality goods. At this online store, you can find mailboxes in various style like cluster mailboxes, and for commercial purpose, it will be suits to use commercial mailboxes type. Yeah, let’s take a look about commercial mailboxes for sale. You can go to find out by yourself to get your preferred type of mailboxes.

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