Business closed, Facebook already owns WhatsApp

FACEBOOK COMPRA LA APLICACIÓN DE MENSAJERÍA WHATSAPP POR 19.000 MILLONESA few months ago the world of social networking is rocked with the news that Facebook bought most important platform of instant messenger, WhatsApp, for no less than 19 billion dollars. This week the deal was finished close. Facebook bought WhatsApp by 21.800 million.

The transaction lasted 8 months due to concerns of both companies in terms of issues of privacy and security with other similar companies, ie competition. This process went along the US antitrust agency, regulatory body of the European Commission and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC); besides spending WhatsApp and Facebook under scrutiny. With the result that the transaction did not affect or threatened the privacy of users and competitors in the same field.

What is sought in this long journey of research and scrutiny, is to protect the millions of WhatsApp users who have entrusted their personal data to the application. Which means that there will be changes to the usage policies or rules of the popular instant messaging application.

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