Branding and marketing are inseparable concepts


The relationship between branding and marketing is more profound than many believe, why can not abandon the potential of the brand only to advertisers.
Branding is a concept that can not be understood separately from the marketing, as this is part of the purpose of another.

The relationship of Branding and marketing is obvious, since the essence of the concept of “brand”, are all elements that must be powered by new marketing strategies, which is why the campaign more defined Branding to undertake effective marketing.

What is Branding?

Branding is part of the foundation of marketing, and is formed by a set of attributes that are linked together by a name or symbol, which gets a value in the minds of the audience. The marks can not be separated from the psychosocial factors that have, and for that reason, both tangible and intangible play with emotional and functional attributes that play a fundamental role in the thinking of the audience to remember when a certain brand and its context.

The value of the brand (branding) will eventually reside in the promise of service or product to be delivered, it is common that a mark may be remembered for poor service or product failure, and if the value for the audience – on this brand – it would not return to buy the product or service.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is much more extensive than the branding, and therefore has been defined in several ways. Philip Kotler, an economist and marketing specialist, has defined as “the social process in which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others.” From the social point of view, general, Kotler is correct in what he says, but there are other ways to view this topic.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM for its acronym in English) defines marketing as “the management process that identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably.” This definition is well structured, it does not end with the identification of customer needs only, but also raises the satisfaction of current needs (short-term), and anticipation of future (the long term).

Other more practical definitions of what marketing can be found in the concept of “right product at the right place at the right time and at the right price” definition proposed by the famous four “P” by Jerome McCarthy.

ne of the most current views of what marketing can be conceived from the point made by Adrian Palmer, who said “The marketing is essentially the meeting of an organization’s resources to enable them to respond to changing needs customers of which the organization depends. ”

The philosophy of marketing speak from the viewpoint of the client, which is the ultimate goal it has. In this way, marketing can not be found entirely in the sale, not a specialized activity and of enterprises, which uses the perspective of the end of the process and include a company in all its senses and not just one.

Particularities of Marketing and Branding

Already known definitions of branding and marketing, but is not made clear what are the characteristics that make one so dependent on the other to be effective. The points between these two concepts so important for businesses today are:


  • The marketing is focused on customer needs, desires and demands
  • The marketing concept should encompass the full functioning of an organization, and not just some
  • Whatever the needs, present or future, must be met and anticipated
  • The current marketing also recognizes a clear influence on society and not just in an exclusive segment


  • The concept of branding is general and does not end with the “name” of a company, it not only serves to identify a product and service, but an entire organization resulting emotions, feelings and memories
  • The application of branding is not directed only to a particular audience, but rather to all individuals in society and organizations, as well as affecting all services and products of their production company
  • The power branding the concept of “solution” for customers, showing a particular company as the “only” able to effectively address the present and future need, this by a psychosocial well-planned strategy
  • The management of a brand (branding) is too important to be left only to marketing managers, therefore, the idea is to bring companies to a customer-centric approach to the point where the traditional separation of these two functions becomes permeable

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