Bonding Out Of Jail

In the unfortunate event that you are arrested and taken to jail, you can sometimes get out before you go to court by posting a bond amount. This is the amount of money that a bondsman would require in order to sign the paperwork to have you released. You would need to have someone contact a Pennsylvania bail bonds company or a company in another area in order to get the process started as most jails won’t let you call about a bond or let you use the phone unless it’s one time after getting arrested.

After you are arrested, the officer will enter your information into the computer system. This will include the reason why you were arrested, your address and other vital information so that the court system has it for future reference in regards to your trial. You will go in front of the magistrate or the judge soon after you are taken into custody. This is when you will learn of the amount of you bail. Some judges won’t request a bail, which means that you can simply sign a paper stating that you will appear in court. If the crime is severe, then you might not receive a bail amount, but it would mean that you have to stay in jail until your trial.

A bondsman can then be contacted to find out how much money will be needed to get out of jail. Most bail bonds are 10 percent of the bail amount. This is to show that you are willing to put the money up to say that you’re going to be in court. If you don’t go, then the bond is revoked, and the agent can begin to search for you to take you back to jail. If the bail is small, then you might not need to go through a bail agent. You can sometimes pay cash to get out of jail. Most agents will accept cash or a debit card. Some will even take a title to a car or the deed to a piece of property, especially if the bail amount is high.

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