Bill Gates, the best classes will be online and not in person


Bill Gates said that in five years there will be as important degree from a university, such as the study of e-learning will be a better alternative evaluated.
The renowned founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, believes that over the next five years the changes that take place in higher education will be so profound, that the best lessons are taught on the Internet and not in Universities in person, why why not be as important to go to a house of studies determined.

For Gates the idea of participating in a master class on the internet can immediately infer that the popularity of many universities today, will fade and not talk about the “houses of study top”, because the graduates do not depend on only one home studies. Bill Gates made this statement while attending the Conference of Economics and Technology of Lake Tahoe.

Without going any further, the creator of the legendary Microsoft demanded the U.S. to be put in a campaign that would allow for granting titles to individuals who undertake to study a particular area without having to go to a university or part of a conventional curriculum for certain knowledge. The objective of this initiative is to enable young people in developing countries to benefit from the measure and no more obstacles are to succeed and achieve their dreams. If one wants to globalize education, the only viable way is e-learning, but this requires the system to change some things, such as the dependence of the degree to a rigid program of learning.

Finally, Gates did not hide his annoyance at seeing that studies texts rather than upgrade, accumulate a wealth of information unnecessary for the students, since Asia is not such a system, but U.S. publishers are concerned to do so voluntarily . At present there is no reduction of the content of studies, but a mere accumulation of old and new concepts.

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