Better Tips for Maintenance

Out of the many maintenance problems which can increase the costs home or business utility bills are leaks in the plumbing system. These aren’t the ones you can see coming from the faucet or tub. These are leaks within the pipes outside of your home or business that you can’t see, let alone find a way to detect. When leaks occur here, the reason for the increases are unknown.

So, how can you detect these issues in order to correct them? One involves the simple use of your eyes (or someone else’s) and the other involves a more technical solution.

The first way to detect a problem is to do a search around your home or business for a few things. First, either you or someone from the maintenance team look needs to review the water meter to see how fast it’s moving. A quick jump in numbers may mean a possible leak. This can be hard to discern during normal operating hours, so readings at the end of the workday or later may need to be done. In fact, several days’ worth of readings may need to taken to figure it out.

Should the water meter numbers go up, the next step is to see if you can determine where the leak is coming from. Water pipes tend to be buried a few feet below the surface. If the leak flows down or spurt to the sides of the pipe it may not be detectable. However, if a stream of liquid pushes toward the top, unusually wet areas on the surface may be a sign.

If you know there’s a potential leak but the previous two suggestions don’t prove anything, the next step is to hire plumbing professionals to seek out the source. One of the tools they will use is a smoke pump tester. Once they determine the suspected area of the leak, they will pour liquid smoke into a smoke tester, from a company like Hurco, and feed it into a pipe. Smoke-filled air will be forced through the system and quickly reveal problem areas.

Though the cost to repair the leak may be high, the relief you will feel once the leak is fixed will last much longer.

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