The best cloud storage (Free)

google-drive_0Today having a cloud is more than necessary, as well as being useful for storing documents or files we used to share information and keep it handy literally anywhere in the world. That is why we have made a list of the best free cloud storage.

Google Drive

15 GB of free storage
It is one of the most popular cloud, being one of the most accessible and easier to use. Has default document and spreadsheet calculation, already has a version for mobile devices (Android and iOS). You just have to have an account on Google+ or Gmail account. The advantage of this cloud, in addition to the large free space is the security and support that Google offers.


2-18 GB of free storage
It is the most popular which has mobile devices refers cloud, as it has a very useful backup system that allows you to store and automatically synchronize all types of information on your smartphone or tablet to the cloud, and it is compatible with all systems mobile OS (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry), in addition to the version for desktops. As all the clouds is also expandable in pay packages in versions “Pro” (up to 500 GB) and “Business” version (up to TB).


50 GB of free storage
This is a website that shaped cloud allows you to exchange files online, in addition to content management. It is a focus for businesses and business people service even has 3 types of account: Business, business and personal. It also has a version for mobile devices (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, WebOS and Windows Phone).


5 GB of free storage
This is the official Apple cloud solely for mobile devices bitten apple iPhones, iPods, iPads and Mac OS X personal computer and PC (Windows systems). This is a cloud that allows you to synchronize all your information from your emails, files, contacts, photos, notes etc. I mean that once you sync all your applications from your Apple mobile device will automatically go to this cloud. We should also note that all data we hold is stored in iCloud unencrypted, so you do not have privacy rights, ie Apple or the United States government have access to them.


15 GB of free storage
Also known as “SkyDrive”. This is Microsoft’s cloud, very useful if you need to upload files simultaneously, allows you up to 5 at a time; being of Microsoft is tied to the Windows operating system, which allows you to upload directly from the application of the operating system (Windows 8 and 8.1) itself, that is compatible with the ActiveX tool for uploading and installing files directly from Windows .. It also has a version for mobile devices (iOS and Android).


50 GB of free storage
Cloud created by the controversial Kim Dotcom, founder of Megaupload. It allows you to upload and share all kinds of files through your web page or your mobile device. At first this cloud had some problems quickly, but since 2014 and there have been no such problems.


1 GB of free storage
It is born as a cloud application for mobile devices, which allows you to store information in the notes directly so backup and sync via your mobile device, you can also store files, audio, video and photographs. It is available for mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry) and desktop systems (Mac and Windows).

Amazon Cloud Drive

5 GB of free storage
Amazon Music Cloud allows you to store and share online photos, documents, music, videos and files. This cloud is centered on the music service “Cloud Drive” that allows you to access any song through your PC or mobile device Android MP3 format. This cloud is only available for users of Amazon in the United States, although the downloading from another country can not access the music.


It is the newest cloud list and probably one of the best, and provides storage, backup and ease of sharing information to a single link, Etceter lets you create “pills information”, with which you can share in order to social network any information (music, video, images, files etc.). This cloud is free but only the option of “information pills” if you want a larger storage place must access the paid version. It is also compatible with mobile devices. This Spanish cloud interestingly merges social networking and cloud.

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