Begin to prepare teachers in SimAula 3D classrooms

Working with teachers in virtual classrooms is now a reality thanks to the company Indra, who developed 3D SimAula, where teachers learn to teach better. The educational world has been revolutionized with the implementation of new procedures when submitting the information to serve students from different educational segments, which also has enhanced the level of demand from teachers to the students, who today are certainly more opportunity to access the information using the Internet.

The use of new technologies has also forced teachers to be trained in how best to deal with situations that before would not be exposed to develop classroom materials preferably classes that were mostly hand made, so the company Indra has proposed to develop a virtual classroom that enables primary school teachers – for now – face a myriad of situations students face in 3D.

SimAula is the latest project is known with regard to the preparation of teachers, who will now have the opportunity to test their skills as mentors in a safe environment can make all the mistakes necessary to learn to do better their work. From now, teachers can interact with virtual students, their classes and even develop comprehensive educational plans, but all in a 3D environment. The system developed by Indra assesses the tone of the teacher’s voice and also the use of language, so in the first instance will be what will define the audience to listen to their classes, where children, teenagers or adults.

The virtual student behavior is completely unexpected for those who begin to develop this learning plan as teachers, so they have the support of experts in psychology and pedagogy in establishing what problems will face each teacher to improve pedagogical and psychological capabilities when facing a course. The idea is that teachers are able to solve everyday problems such as having to deal with students who have no interest in class, when coping the graceful students becoming distracted from the rest, and so on.

The simulation environments are variable, and the objectives to which each teacher must seek to obtain, however, identified two key areas in this initiative, which are: Teachers learn to create a solid model cope when a course to improve their level of learning and that teachers are able to improve their educational skills to provide better knowledge to students, making it easier to learn through various incentives.

Countries in which this project will develop Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece and the UK, so the three-dimensional environments are developed in environments based on situations that occur with such students, who strongly differ from the reality of South American and North American students, to give an example. Ways to use SimAula will be two, the first is with a psycho teacher who evaluate teacher performance and provide feedback on the procedure performed and the second will be that the teacher you connect from your home computer to the simulation.

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