Baby Selfies, application for babies to make “selfies”

baby-selfieToday selfies are fashionable and everyone who play , the more fun or most original selfie more “hot ” is derived . Although ” selfie ” or rather the ” autofoto ” there long ago, today the smartphone has become the world’s simplest . Now babies also enter the world of selfies through the new application “Baby Selfies ” , with which they themselves become their ” autofotos ” .

Baby Selfies is an Android application created by developer Matthew Pegula , who a few months ago became a father for the first time and had no better idea to create this interesting application designed to smaller house .

Baby Selfies shows some colorful and fun animal figures , plus flashy sounds, in order to draw attention to the baby and watch the screen and take your mobile device with your hands, once the baby take the camera device locate and focus will turn baby’s picture and draw the picture automatically as if it were a selfie .

Baby Selfies costs little more than a dollar and is available now in the Android system.

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