Applications to quit smoking

kwitToday we find many applications useless and uninteresting, but the sea of ??apps always find some very useful and we can literally change lives. This is the case of upcoming applications that can help you quit smoking.


It is an application that through motivation and techniques, reasoning, mechanical and games helps you to quit smoking. Through games with levels and scores as you go forward while discovering the benefits of quitting, so do be kind of a fun challenge. It is available in Spanish and has a cost of 1.5 dollars skirts. It is available for Android and iOS systems.

Quit Smoking

This application also uses the motivation to quit, tells you the benefits that you get the money you saved on cigarettes and will say how long you’ve quit smoking. It is a free application, for now only in English and is available on Android

My Last Cigarette

If you want to know what the damage they cause to your health are cigarettes this is the app for you. With this application you can monitor all the time you stopped smoking through reports and you’ll see all the evils that you avoid by doing so. This application retails for just over a dollar, is in Spanish and is available in iOS system.

Smoking Time Machine

We all know the ravages of smoking, that is why this app used to deter smoking images to the user. You can upload a picture of yourself and see the ravages of cigarette in your image, the name of this application, “Smoking in the time machine” he says. The application is free on Android (iOS costs $ 1), is in English, but the pictures speak for themselves. It is available for Android and iOS systems.

Quit Smoking Now

Like Smoking Time Machine, this application uses images to warn the ravages of smoking, but this is certainly more radical and explicit, so we caution users will see images of cancer patients and some very unpleasant. It’s completely free and available on Android.

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