Apple launches new iOS streaming 9 “Apple Music”

apple-musicThe Cupertino company during the WWDC Developers Conference presented its new operating system, IOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. But surely the most remarkable novelty that brings mobile operating system from Apple is creating its own music streaming system, which is called Apple Music, with obviously be pointing Spotify competition.

The Apple Music will be available next June 30 and will cost $ 10 bordering, and a family plan to be around $ 15, with which it can recruit up to 6 users.
But Apple Music is not only limited to songs, music videos and also have all the information related with the artists. All indications are that this new streaming service would be the natural successor to iTunes. Progress has been made that it would be more like a social network, with which it can share music and other issues. One Beats radio stations will be called. It also can create custom music charts focused on user preferences.

In short, with the information we have, Apple Music is a copy Apple Spotify style, but more expensive.

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