Apple is working on economic iPhones


iphoneApple is working on its first line of cheap iPhones in order to accelerate sales of smartphones in the context of increasingly fierce competition.

It is estimated that the new models will cost about half the cost of an iPhone and also have a size smaller than the models currently on the market.

Apple recently launched the first products in the U.S. and other markets shortly before the deployment of the devices more broadly.

MobileMe Modernization
Apple is also working on modernizing its MobileMe service, online storage. This service allows users to store data in a central location and synchronize calendars and contacts from their computers and other devices.

Currently this service has an annual cost of $ 99, but Apple is considering the possibility of making a free service whose objective is to save photos, music and videos, thereby eliminating the need for support as an external hardware or USB device.

As stated some members of the company, MobileMe could also become a focal point for cooperation of a new online music service that Apple has been working for months.

Apparently, MobileMe and the new line of iPhones are among the main priorities of the chief executive of Apple, Steve Jobs, who is going through a complicated health.

It is expected that the new line of iPhones and the new MobileMe will be thrown during the summer, although plans could change as a spokesman for Apple.
The intention of releasing cheaper smartphones is related statistics such as company IDC says that worldwide sales of smart phones will rise by 39%.

iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones sold in the moment. An estimated 84.2 million units have been sold since 2007. However, iPhone sales fell significantly last year due to high prices of the device compared to other phones.

Beyond the numbers 2010, iPhone is one of the stars of Apple products, as it generated 39% of the 26.7 billion U.S. dollars in revenue the company received the final quarter.

A few days ago was released iPhone 4 Verizon Wireless, which is estimated, will sell between 7 and 13 million units this year.

iPhone 4 has a large LCD touch screen, virtual keyboard and a navigation system that responds to your voice. It also has 5 megapixel camera that can record videos in HD, 2 microphones and a speaker. Its design is elegant and has metallic accents and glass screen.

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