Apple adds four Samsung devices in the demand for plagiarism

Galaxy III

Apple just released an addendum adding 4 more devices demand plagiarism, including the Galaxy III is the flagship of Samsung.

Last Friday Apple made real the threat is already rumored in the halls of Cupertino offices, has added to the demand made by Samsung, 4 mobile devices, including the Galaxy III highlights, smartphone more representative of the South Korean firm.

This new demand, although it is the same issue, plagiarism patent is not linked to the previous lawsuit in which Apple won a lawsuit in California to the similar Samsung. This is a new demand for plagiarism, in which the bitten apple company looking again blame the South Korean firm for plagiarism.

This time mobile devices have infringed Apple patents as are the Galaxy III, the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy III version made for Verizon in the United States. With these four new devices, would add 21 in total they allegedly committed plagiarism patent.

If you wonder why these four mobile devices were not included in the previous application, the answer is a matter of dates, the earlier lawsuit began in February this year, the Galaxy III was not released at the time, but until May in Europe and June in the United States.

Those who follow closely this technological battle between Samsung and Apple, we see in this new lawsuit a blow against the South Korean company, since it is suing for plagiarism Galaxy III, Smartphone more representative of this company, along with the other three are in the same range “Galaxy”, adding that the other 4 are among the eight that Apple requires to be removed from the U.S. market.

This is a new battle begins almost from scratch, a history of previous trial may tip the balance in favor of Apple, besides the obvious favoritism that has Apple in U.S. courts.

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