AMD Trinity, finally was launched competition to Intel

This is excellent news which comes from AMD, they finally released the second generation of APU models, so you get an improvement in battery performance, and other improvements. Best of all is that they begin to compete side by side with the platform of “ultrabooks” that Intel has monopolized so well with several manufacturers through Ivy Bridge platform. Some of the brands that have been undertaken to test the technology are Acer, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba.

The idea is that in a short time we are against the window with two clear choices, the famous and now recognized ultrabooks “ultrathins” a concept that is identical to Intel, AMD but with guts. Processors can be found at these ultrathins the A10-4600m, A8 and A6-4500M-4400m in the issues better prepared, because in the most affordable models will be A10-4655M-4455M and A6.

When you have to talk about prices we should be happy to know that AMD fight incessantly to keep the ultrathins at $ 500 suggested retail price, while configurations equivalent Intel platform cost about $ 800, although they say will fall to $ 699 in late 2012. A clear example is found in the HP Sleekbok, ultralight has AMD and costs $ 599 instead of $ 799 it costs the same with Intel.

Considerations to take into account

As in all things, it also brings something good to bad, so that we discuss below some of the details that play in favor of Intel, despite everything.

The new APU Trinity use a microarchitecture called “Piledriver,” which is the successor of Bulldozer and looks better in all respects, however, continue using a 32nm processor (Intel uses a 22nm).

As for graphics performance has shown tremendous growth compared with the previous series, although we can not compare with Intel’s ultra-light using a GT640M under any circumstances, for now.

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