Amazon deliver orders to test drones

dronThe e-commerce giant Amazon has received an experimental license from the regulatory body, to test drones for deliveries in the United States, but with some regulations.

The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) made a statement in which he announced that he has granted an “experimental license” to the e-commerce company Amazon, to start research and development and team building. Ie to prove their deliveries with drones.

Amazon may make deliveries only drones day and a maximum of 112 meters, will be within the field of view of the person who maneuver the drone, it must be licensed. In addition Amazon is obliged to deliver a report to the FAA, where the number of flights, time and any anomalies if any detailing.

This could mark a milestone in the world of electronic commerce, although we believe that this project is still in its infancy, Amazon certainly has a great first step.

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