AIDS, breast milk is your worst enemy

Recent research at the University of North Carolina show that one of the properties of breast milk prevents transmission of AIDS.

A great discovery is made by the scientific world in recent months, as has been shown that a property in breast milk affects the HIV virus particles, as well as cells that are infected by this . This makes it possible to assume now that breast milk start of one form or another to the AIDS virus, which as we all know is fatal despite medical advances available.

Thus we may assert that children born to mothers who infected with AIDS, can prevent infection from birth, but now it was thought that 15% of births could also get the disease if it reached the breast milk for the early childhood, so it was not advisable to nurse a baby was suffering from human immunodeficiency virus. Thanks to research conducted at the University of North Carolina, specifically Angela Wahl, we know that there is a good possibility that the above is not.

Tests on mice with bone marrow, liver and AIDS-infected tissue showed that the transmission through breast milk was not so sure, because only were affected when the virus were given orally, but not when given milk infected breast. While you have clear knowledge about the amazing properties that are in breast milk, you could not say with certainty that they could prevent the transmission of the dreaded AIDS virus until this investigation.

Today scientists have researched what the property that prevents the transmission of the AIDS virus in children, as this would be key to the realization of new treatments for this dreaded virus that kills so many millions of people every year worldwide. According to the scientists themselves involved in the research, identification of the exclusive property of breast milk would allow the spread of AIDS could be avoided even when sexual contact with a person infected with HIV.

For those who wonder how it is possible that children who get this dangerous virus from their mothers if we consider that prevents breast milk transmission, no clear answer to the scientists noted that transmission may occur in cases where injury occurs on the teats of the mother where the baby is directly exposed to infected blood from their mother.


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