A Security System Has Many Valuable Features

When I told my wife I wanted us to get a home security system, she got concerned. She does not really follow the news, so she thought that bad things had been happening closer to us. I told her that was not the reason I wanted one, but it was still not a bad idea to have one for that too. Living here in Texas has been really great for us both, and we have been enjoying raising our children here. While crime is always a concern in today’s world, I wanted a home security system for other reasons too.

I had read not long before this about a family who had lost everything in a home fire. My heart went out to them, and it also taught me a thing or two about how I was protecting my own family. We do have home insurance, but I hope to never collect on it. I would rather be alerted to a problem before it becomes so critical that our home is lost, or worse. While losing our home would be hard to take, it would not even compare should something happen to my wife or our children.

I had seen where security systems can be for more than an alert for intruders. A home can also use a security system for its other features, like the smoke detectors and the carbon monoxide detectors. For instance, if we were to be overcome by carbon monoxide, we would not know it. We would just lose consciousness, and that would be it for us. With a home security system though, it would alert the monitoring agency if the carbon monoxide levels were high, and someone would be dispatched to our home. When I explained all of this to my wife, she was on board with us getting it as soon as possible, and we do feel much better having one now.

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