A look at the new Office 2016

office-2016One of the most anticipated technological developments of the year is undoubtedly the Windows 10 operating system, but also hand reaches the office software applications Office 2016. That’s why Microsoft has launched a beta version where we can discover some new this very useful program.

For starters we can say that this is the version of Office more collaborative of all, besides quite convergent. The issue of work with many new platforms, especially online, so they can create documents online from anywhere and at any time, which obviously makes it the most versatile version.

Another novelty is the partnership with the Office 365 website, which will have a key role in the new Office, obviously to compete with Google Drive that offered through the cloud a very similar service that has recently gained currency. The interface will be new and will try to adapt well to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) as well as laptops and desktops or computers, where it is already well used this software.

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