8 Ways to Upgrade Your Car

Cars are meant to be marketed to the masses, not individuals (well, most cars at least). That’s why so many people opt to customize their ride in a million different ways. Looking for a way to make your car reflect your personality and style? Read on.

1. Tune the suspension, but don’t simply lower it as far as possible. Figure out what style of car you want and then adjust the suspension accordingly.

2. Aftermarket wheels aren’t just a cool upgrade, they can improve handling as well.

3. Sure, it’s great to change the outside of your car, but what you’re going to see most of the time is the interior. Invest in custom upholstery – just don’t pick pink leather, please, or any neon color, for that matter.

4. Impress your friends with a new performance exhaust, but pick one that sounds good, not just loud and annoying.

5. Browse the Internet for a shift knob that’s cooler than the one that came with the car.

6. You don’t need a huge subwoofer, but there’s nothing wrong with upgrading your speakers – stock systems usually leave something to be desired.

7. Put the absolute best tires that you can afford on your car.

8. Driving a great classic American car? Hire a pro to add some pinstriping.

Want to find more ways to customize your car? Learn more right now!

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