70% of videos uploaded to Facebook are made directly

facebook_18When we all thought that the battle of the videos on the Internet had gained YouTube (and far), Facebook is put front and fall. A recent Fortune magazine found that 70% of videos uploaded to Facebook is made directly, not through YouTube as they used to do before. Which it is a 25% growth since February when the figures were in favor of the social network of Google.

The video is a priority

Zuckerberg had already announced in last October, he made clear that the video was one of the priorities of Facebook, and apparently the results are beginning to act as a guarantor.

We must consider several details on these figures expressed by Fortune, such as Facebook has more than 1450 million users worldwide, which you could say is a breakthrough, if we see that 70% of the videos They climb directly. Another detail is Instagram, social network “sister” of Facebook, which lets you upload videos to Facebook directly.

YouTube is still the main video platforms in the world, but these figures should worry those who see Google lost ground in a field that seemed to reign YouTube. We expect some changes to give the counter.

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