5 Remodeling Tips for Your Gas Station

Renovating a gas station isn’t like renovating a house. Instead of focusing on personal comfort and livability, you’ll need to prioritize things like speed, cleanliness and ease of navigation. Here are just a few things to consider as you remodel your gas station.

1. Light It Up

There’s a reason why bright lights are hallmarks of gas stations. Not only will they attract attention to your grocery aisles by illuminating all of your candy and snack cakes, but they’ll also deter shoplifters with their unforgiving glare. Install some florescent lights in your gas station for a one-two punch of convenience.

2. Create Multiple Walkways

Pretend that you’re a customer entering your gas station for the first time. Do you feel pressured to walk down a certain path, or do you have the freedom to explore all of the aisles, displays and counters? Use an open-concept space in the front of your store to encourage customers to choose their own walkway. This can increase sales by allowing them to follow their nose to what interests them.

3. Advertise Your Sales

Hang banners that announce your price cuts. Put up cardboard displays for special products that are on sale. If you have the money, you can even install digital signage that can be programmed to change sales announcements each week. Customers don’t always read your flyers, so it pays to advertise your discounts in a big and flashy way.

4. Keep It Clean

This is especially important if you’re selling fresh food like doughnuts and hot dogs. No one will want your fare if it’s surrounded by greasy countertops and dirty napkins, so make sure that your employees understand the importance of cleanliness. You can help them keep everything shiny by using anti-stain materials like tile and laminate.

5. Stay Safe

It’s an unfortunate truth that gas stations have high burglary rates. However, this doesn’t mean that every gas station gets robbed, and you can beat the odds with the right preparation and protection. Put locks on your back doors. Make sure that you have a well-lit parking lot. Scare away thieves with bulletproof glass.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when hiring gas station contractors California. Whether you’re starting your own brand or just buying into a franchise, let these tips guide you towards a better, smarter remodel. Your profits could depend on it!

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