4 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Business Cards

Business cards can be considered as miniature advertisements for yourself and/or your business. The main purpose of these small ads is to display only the pertinent information about yourself or business such as name, phone number and email address. While this may sound like a simple design, there are many who put too much information on the card making it seem more haphazard than informative. How do you avoid cluttering up your business card?

Heavy and Detailed Images

Although the graphic designer in you wants to create an elaborate design full of color and attractive nuances, they can take away from the message you’re trying to convey. Multiple image designs may also cost more to make. As you’re going to want hundreds or thousands of business cards made, too much ink in the design can make the entire lot more expensive.

Listing All Services and Products

While you may want your target audience to understand what you do, adding each individual service on a business card can be overwhelming to the reader. Service descriptions work best on websites or blogs, not the business card. Try to sum up your business or talents in six to eight words for the design.

Pertinent Contact Information

Your physical address doesn’t need to be printed on the card itself. However, email addresses and websites are interactive locations that promote how to contact you directly. Some professionals may also consider social media information such as Facebook or Google+ profiles, but some of those links may not be realistic for the business card. Only provide the best ways that the individual can get in touch with you.

Backside of the Card

While some professionals suggest adding logos and other small bits of information on the back, others prefer using nothing at all. For the most part, using the back of the card seems to be more centered around user preference, but it can be an excellent location to put your logo as well as website address.

The simplest design is often the most attractive and efficient. Adding too much to the small surface of the card can be distracting to the reader while making the text too small to read. When it comes time to design the template for your LOFT business cards, keep the information simple and to the point. You’re not handing out works of art, just your contact information.

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