13 year old girl proposed solution for “cyberbullying”

amanda-toddThe so-called “cyberbullying” has become one of the biggest problems of social networks, especially in the teenage community that is most affected and also the most active in this practice. But Trisha Prabhu a 13 year old from Naperville, Illinois (United States) has a very interesting proposal that could significantly reduce this malpractice.

Trisha has a great idea to stop cyberbullying, she proposes an alert called “Rethink” (rethinking in English translation), so that whenever someone type a hurtful message a warning message appears to continue to deter with cyberbullying. When an alert appear first attempt would ask the user if they really want to post message with options “Yes” and “No”, if the user insists a second alert would warn your message may hurt others, and invite “rethink “on the subject.

“My hypothesis is that if teens have a warning mechanism to suggest them to rethink their decision to send a hurtful message on the social networks, the number of messages that teenagers would be willing to post would be less” Words of Trisha Prabhu about your great idea.

A very interesting idea to end or at least reduce to cyberbullying. We are confident that we will continue hearing about Trisha Prabhu.

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